160923 SWIM WOD 10AM


As a reminder, this Saturday, September 24, we will not be hosting a WOD at Collier, but will instead head out to conquer Mt. Gwanaksan. Meet at Ichon Station by the turnstiles at 8am. The hike alone should take approximately 3.5-4hrs, so including travel time and food consumption, we should finish up around 2:30pm (if not sooner)! Wear comfortable hiking close and bring snacks. This can be a kid friendly event as their are shorter trails to explore or you can always turn around if need be, but the group will continue on with the average pace set. RSVP on the Facebook event page so we know who to expect at Ichon. Hope to see you and the family there!

Friday we are hosting a Swim WOD at 10am located at Indoor Pool #3. There will be no 7:45am “gathering” (class).

500m Freestyle
25 Push-ups 
400m Freestyle
20 Push-ups 
300m Freestyle
15 Push-ups 
200m Freestyle
10 Push-ups 

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