This Saturday we will not be hosting a WOD at Collier, but instead we will head out to Namsan to join the Be More Human Project Crew! If you haven’t met this group of strong, dedicated, amazing athletes, then you are really missing out! And boy is this a great session to join as I have found out that Parkour Generations Korea coaches will be joining in! What better way to learn body awareness than Parkour. So let’s step out of our comfort zone, get out there and meet the fitness community that is right in our backyard!  Here is a link to the event.

Meet up is at 8:55am at the Hyatt Pagoda. BE EARLY! Click Here For Map14040186_544470755747351_1737220331719134560_n.jpg

Also recommended to pack light (i.e.no gym bag with all your crossfit stuff, just essentials like water bottle, phone, id) and if you have gloves to bring them.  

From 830-11ish, the Seoul Breaker challenge at Trent gym will be taking place as well and there are a few of us participating.  So if for whatever reason you cannot make it to BMHP, then come on over to cheer some of us on!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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