Today we WOD it out to say goodbye to some very special athletes, Jeff, Terry, Roxanna (and Mark!).

The Drushals have made a big impact on the Fight Tonight Community, welcoming everyone with open arms, representing FTCF proudly in competitions, and volunteering their time and resources.  Jeff and Terry are the some of the nicest, most patient and generous people you will ever meet, but they also have a fierce, competitive nature that will send shivers down your spine. When they see you mentally breaking during a WOD, they will get in your face, screaming at (I mean…encouraging) you to pick up the bar and that one more rep puts you ahead of hundreds of people, motivating you in all the right ways.  Jeff and Terry also contain loads of determination, with Jeff advancing to the Asia Championship in 2015 and Terry demolishing The Royal Burpee Challenge.  We wish you you both the absolute best in your next adventure! You will be greatly missed!

Another fierce competitor will be leaving us soon, our one and only, Roxanna.  Roxanna has also made a big impact within the Fight Tonight Community, lending a helping hand (in and outside of the box), making people feel very welcome, and also representing FTCF proudly in numerous competitions.  Just recently, Roxanna RXed her first competition as an individual and did absolutely amazing (coming in 4th place!!).  Roxanna has so much determination and doesn’t stop until the work is done.  In just the few months I have been her coach, I have seen her just completely escalate as an athlete, hitting numerous PRs on those gymnastic movements (I’m talking about those Chest to bars and pistols!).  And if there is a running WOD, you will see Roxanna at the front of the line 🙂  An amazing athlete, but most importantly an amazing person.  We will miss seeing you roll in at 9:10 (hee hee!) with a positive attitude and focused mind ready to put in work.  Best of luck to you and keep crushing it!

WOD: (A nice Chipper made by the Drushals!)


400 m run
50 pull ups
400 m run
40 wall balls (20/14)
400 m run
30 Burpees
400 m run
20 box jumps
400 m run
10 dead lifts (275/155)
400 m run

TIME CAP: 45 minute time cap

*If inside, run will equal 4 laps around the gym.


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