Saturday, June 18 at 0900 we are hosting a Going Away WOD for two more athletes, Dan and Hannah.

Dan started with us back in July, 2015 and has been one of our regular, competitive athletes ever since.  Dan has made some super impressive gains with us, PRing nearly every lift during test week and improving his overall mobility.  I remember the night he got his first muscle up. Actually, I think all of Yongsan remembers the night he got his first muscle up, as his cheers were loud and expressive! You couldn’t help but get super stoked for Dan!  Then recently, he was able to link them and the cheers began again.  That is one thing I like about Dan, is that he celebrates his victories, big or small.  This is something each and every one of us should be doing regularly.  Dan will be heading out to Santa Monica California for a surgical oncology fellowship training at John Wayne Cancer Institute.  Best of luck to you Dan! We are sure going to miss you! Keep up the great work!

Hannah is no stranger to Fight Tonight CrossFit as she started with the gym when she was visiting Korea as a sophomore in college.  We are so happy she came back to be a part of the family.  Hannah is also one of our competitive athletes, taking on a handful of competitions (2 GirlFit competitions, the CrossFit Open, and the Osan Throwdown coming up) and kicking butt in each and every one of them (I’m confident enough to say that she will kick a$$ in Osan).  Hannah has also seen some extraordinary gains since she has been here in both strength and gymnastics, having nailed her first C2B in the Open.  Hannah is also a dedicated runner.  All too often you would find Hannah suffering along with you in a Saturday WOD and then immediately placing in the 5K event that followed.  Hannah will be making her way to Hawaii; soaking up all the sun.  We wish you the best Hannah and will miss you!



1K Run
21 Deadlifts
18 Hang Power Clean
15 Push Jerk
Run 800m
15 Deadlift
12 Hang Power Clean
9 Push Jerk
Run 400m
9 Deadlift
6 Hang Power Clean
3 Push Jerk
Run 200m

Big Dawg: (135/95)
Rx: (115/75)

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