160604 Lisa and Melissa’s Going Away WOD


Today we send off more athletes, The Ansleys and Melissa 😦

Coach Lisa will be heading out soon to spend some time with family and friends in the states, but will be eventually be PCSing to England! Lisa is a valuable member of the Fight Tonight Family as she has provided a major influence to the overall community we have here.  If she wasn’t kicking a$$ in the daily WODs, she was coaching other athletes (young and old) to kick a$$ in their WODs and overall move better.  Not only has Lisa made us physically better athletes, but she has made us mentally better athletes.  Just watching the amount of focus she has when she WODs is amazing and I personally am desirous of this concentration.  Lisa has accomplished so much as an athlete since she has been here; competing and placing in numerous competitions throughout Asia.  Coach Lisa has definitely left her mark here at Fight Tonight and we are so grateful to have her.  Good luck to you and your family!  We are going to miss you! We can’t wait to watch Heather on the big screen at the future CrossFit Games 😉

Melissa and her family will be leaving Korea and heading to Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  My very first class I coached at Fight Tonight included handstands and handstand progressions.  As a newbie coach, I tried to talk and demonstrate at the same time (let me tell you, that is not easy talking and being upside down).  At this time, I had no idea that Melissa was a gymnastics coach and at the end of my very lengthy introduction, she provided so many tips and tricks and just flew into a handstand to show the class.  I was envious!  Since then, she has been my go to person for gymnastics skills.  Melissa has absolutely escalated in CrossFit, nearly PRing in every lift when it is testing.  Seeing her get her first chest-to-bars in the Open, was inspiring.  She too is one of our competitors having competed in a couple competitions since joining Fight Tonight.  A strong athlete that we are going to miss! Keep up the great work!

Lisa’s Filthy 45’s
45 Burpee box jumps (24/20)
45 Pullups
45 KBS (53/35)
45 OHS (75/55)
45 V-ups
45 Goblet squats (53/35)
45 Push Press (75/55)
45 SDHP (75/55)
45 KB Pushups
45 DU (135 SU)

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