“Front Squats?! Is that a type-o Ali?! I thought we were doing Back Squats? According to the program, we are suppose to test!”  I am adding a day to our program so that next week, we can test our progress.  With the holiday weekend ahead, I prefer to test when everyone is back and refreshed. So not a type-o, we are still going to get some squats in, just changing it up a bit 🙂

As a reminder, our new Saturday hours will begin tomorrow. From this point forward, our Saturday classes will be held at 9am.

Also, it sounds as if a group that was unable to participate last Saturday in the MURPH festivities, will be getting together on the PITT at 8am to complete MURPH.  This is an informal event, but if you are interested and need more info, please contact us.

Holiday hours:
Friday 9am
Saturday 9am

Front Squat
3sets of 5reps @ 75%

Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
Power Snatches

RX: 75/55
BD 115/75

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