Couple of events coming up in June!  If you are interested in either of these events, let us know.

CrossFit Osan is hosting a Sizzling Summer Showdown on June 25th! You can register either as a:
Firebreather (RX individual): 8 male , 8 female
Firestarter (Scaled individual): 8 male , 8 female
Mutual Inferno (Same gender pair): 8 male teams, 8 female teams

*I posted this event awhile ago, and had lots of interest.  The RX and Scaled Individual spots may be full at this point, but I think there are some team spots available.

Plus oneWOD (AMRAP) for kids of all ages to compete in.This is a FREE event, there is NO registration fee! If you are interested in any of the events, please let me know!

They are also looking for judges! If judging the competition interests you, please let me know!

Also on June 25th 4TP is hosting a Row-athon!  You can participate as a team (3males, 1 female) and row a half marathon, or participate as an individual and row a 500m AND 2K for time.  80,000W for team, 20,000W for individual.  They have some great prizes for teams and individuals that place (Ski Erg, Assault Bike, Gear, etc.).

So again, if you are interested in either of these events, please let us know! It is up to you to create your teams 🙂

6r @ 65%
4r @ 75%
2r @ 80%
2r @ 85%
1r @ 90%

(Will be completing all 8 intervals per movement. Therefore, can be done as stations. Rest 1 min in between stations.)
Station 1: Row
Station 2: KB SDLHP (53/35)
Station 3: Ring Dips
Station 4: Sit-ups
Score will be total reps performed.

Scales for Ring Dips:
*Banded Ring Dips
*Jumping Ring Dips (Jump to top supporting position and slow and controlled descent down to bottom position. Once in bottom position, feet may return to the floor. Repeat)
*Box Dips

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