The Murph Challenge is upon us!

Registration: 0800-0900 (this is MWR Registration, not the online fundraising registration. This is so MWR can keep accountability on all the bad ass peeps that show up. Parking will be limited so plan accordingly.
Event start: 0900 (rules, demonstrations, safety guidelines). You need to be warmed up and ready to run at 9AM

*Please be advised that parking will be limited around the area due to
multiple events. If arriving by POV, your best bet will be to park by the
T-intersection lot and walk up to Collier. Locker rooms will be open inside
Collier but expect crowds and heavy traffic as a result of the TKD

The challenge will consist of the following events:

-1 mile run (around Collier perimeter)
-100 pullups
-200 pushups
-300 squats
-1 mile run

Participants will have the option of completing the challenge with or
without a weighted vest (limited amount provided).

Bottled water will also be provided for free but it is recommended that participants bring their own water to hydrate with during the competition. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!!! It is going to be steamy so drink plenty of water leading up to the event!  Please take necessary precautions in regard to protection from heat and sun as there is very little shade on the PITT


Following the Murph Challenge, we will have a Farewell BBQ for our athletes/coaches that are leaving us.  This will take place at 1pm in the field next to the PITT and by the grandstand for some shade.  Come on out and join us!

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