160516 Brian and Virginia’s Going Away WOD


Two more of our athletes will be leaving Yongsan soon 😦 Coach Brian and athlete Virginia. Good news is we actually get to have them around for a couple more weeks after this WOD as they do not descend to Monterey, CA until June.

Brian has made an impact on Fight Tonight CrossFit as he was a permanent coach for the Wednesday evening classes.  Personally if I ever struggled with a gymnastics movement, Brian was there with little pro-tips  and tricks to help me.  Its safe to say that I am not the only one who has appreciated these pro-tips as he has put in a lot of time and dedication as a coach to us athletes.

Virginia will be leaving Fight Tonight’s 9-ish class as well come June.  When I see Virginia work out, I see nothing but determination.  She sets a goal and she goes after it.  Just a few weeks ago she got her kipping pull-ups once again and then decided to tackle Fran RX! She did not give up.  She shut down those negative thoughts, pushed through and worked hard.  She is a mentally tough athlete.  But not only does she shut down those negative thoughts in a middle of a WOD, she does it for other too. She cheers other athletes on until the last one finishes; encouraging them and helps push people to their limits.

We will miss you both! Best of luck to CA and be sure to visit should you stop into Seoul once again 😉


Back Squat
6×2 @ 80%

For Time
Partner WOD for time.  One partner must maintain a stress position for the reps to count.
400 m run
50 rings dips – partner hangs from pull up bar
50 burpees – partner wall sits
50 kb swings (53/35) – partner maintains plank position
50 T2B – partner holds superman position on ground
400 m run

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