Today is the first day that we will begin the Russian Squat Program.  The first nine sessions have you progressively lift more volume while maintaining a load at 80% of your 1RM. The following nine brings the volume down while we head towards a new 1RM. If followed consistently (squatting 3x/week), the program modestly claims that a lifter should experience a 5% minimum increase to their squat total, a goal that seems attainable for most people.  Squat strength will help your overall performance in numerous movements that we execute in CrossFit (such as Olympic lifts, thrusters, walls balls, etc.). Plus who doesn’t like to lift heavy things 🙂

Back Squats will be programmed on M, W, F.  Ali will also be available at 9am on Saturdays for those who would like to perform a squatting session with guidance before the scheduled WOD.  If you are unable to perform the Russian Squat Program with the box, but would still like to improve your squat, here is a link to the program Russian Squat Program Generator.

Let’s train hard this week athletes!


DAY 1 Russian Squat Program (RSP)
Back Squat
6 sets of 2 reps at 80% of 1RM


Partner WOD
6 Rounds – Alternating movements
Run 400m
Max reps HSPU (Strict or Kipping) while partner runs

Each athlete runs three times and does HSPU 3 times. Score is total reps together and time.


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