First off, what a fantastic 2016 Open! A lot of the athletes did way better than they thought, and a lot of wonderful things happened. Athletes getting their first chest-to-bars, first muscle-ups, first toes-to-bars, Ali crushing Matt in one of the workouts,  just lots of great things.

Enjoy yourself this week!   If you are a Parks and Recreation fan like myself, in the words of Donna and Tom, “TREAT YO SELF!”  Go get that massage, go out for dinner and drinks (maybe not ALL of the ice cream and pizza 🙂 ), or even give yourself a couple days off to reenergize and recharge your body (I know, CrossFit is just so much FUN, that can’t possibly be an option), but  just reward yourself. Give yourself some well deserved “me time.” This was a hard competition, you were tested both physically and mentally, and you made it! On behalf of all the coaches, we are all so proud of your accomplishments and enjoy seeing your athletic journey.


So what is next? Getting ourselves ready for the 2017 Open. I am going to be creating a number of cycles with each cycle lasting around 8 weeks.  My goals for theses cycles is not only to create strength in lifts, but to continue to focus on skill/gymnastics movements and provide a variety of long and short metcons.  Before each cycle, we will be having a test week, testing various strength movements (power and olympic lifts) along with max effort skill movements (pull-ups, muscle-ups, etc.). The first test-week will happen next week (week of April 4th).  Very similar to what Jared has done this past season.

April 3rd is the End of The Open BBQ! We have an event on our Facebook page, so RSVP and come celebrate with your Fight Tonight Family. Would love to see everyone there!


5sets of 3reps at 75%

10 Handstand push-up
1 Snatch (135/95)
2 Snatch
3 Snatch
4 Snatch
5 Snatch

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