Great work on 16.3! We had quiet a few athletes get their first bar muscle-ups over the weekend. So amazing to witness. Another handful of our athletes were SO CLOSE and they did not go down without a fight. Keep up the practice on these movements.

As we are making our way through the Open, start setting some goals for yourself. The end of The Open is like the beginning of your new year.  I have heard that one athlete is determined to get a bar muscle-up by June, another wants a kipping pull-up by the end of April.  What are your “new year resolutions”? Think about what you want and set up a plan. Need help? Ask a coach! We all want to see you strive and hit your goals.


Coach’s Choice


6 reps at 65%
4 reps at 75%
2 reps at 80%
2 reps at 85%
1 rep at 90%
1 set of Max reps at 80%

10min AMRAP
10 Deadlifts
8 Alternating Pistols
6 Ground to Overhead

Big Dawg: (145/105)
Rx: (125/85)

Lower Body Stretches


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