160229 Monday: Open WOD 16.1

Happy Monday Athletes!

I hope that everyone that has completed 16.1 is recovering well! Saturday was an absolute success for the Open WOD 16.1! Thank you to all that helped judge and stayed to cheer each other on. Cheering one another on and celebrating together is what makes the CrossFit Open fun! We had a number of athletes who have never done a chest-to-bar not only complete one, but completed multiple reps. On behalf of all the coaches, we are so proud to see your hard work pay off and enjoy seeing where your hard work is taking you! Keep it up!

There is no scheduled WOD for today.  Today is meant for athletes who still need to complete or redo 16.1.  We will have some judges scheduled to be available at 0900 and at 1800.

Dress in layers! We would like to complete the WOD outside, but if weather makes conditions unsafe, then we will have to complete the WOD inside.  Should the WOD take place inside, I will need athletes warmed up and ready so that we can have quick a turn-around between heats. Space is very limited inside.  If you want to complete the WOD early, please get in contact with Ali (kakao id: abush14 or message me or the FTCF page on Facebook) and I am sure we can work something out!

If you have completed Open WOD 16.1 and are not planning on redoing the workout, don’t forget to submit your score to the CrossFit Games website.  Login to your account and there is an option for you to “submit score.”  After you submit your score, we will validate it.  If you are having trouble submitting your score, please let us know ASAP!

Keep up the great work athletes and get ready for another week of training!





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