160227 CrossFit Open 16.1


Tomorrow will start earlier than expected due to the incredibly long time of the WOD and the issues with space and room.  You WILL BE OUTSIDE – Please spread the word.  There will be option of doing it inside but some of you will just have to suck it up buttercup and open the can of Whoop-ass outside. It is okay, hugs will be handed out to those that need them!

With that being said tomorrow is only for those signed up for the Open. If you want to do the WOD and you’re not signed up that is fine but we won’t run you through a heat.

I know we will have early birds and not so many early birds. Normally I would want everyone that is competing to standby from the beginning but it looks like this will be a good 4-6 hours of work in total. So please show up before noon at the least.  Contact your friends who are doing their workout for updates!  Also stay tuned to the facebook as we will try to keep you updated.  You’re time is valuable and so are our judges!

Tomorrow we will be at the gym around 8AM and start our first athletes as soon as they are ready around 0830-0845.

Congratulations to Chrissy, Jessica and Elizabeth for completing 16.1 at lunch today!

Jared – FTCF


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