160226 The Open is HERE


The time has come!

The Open workout 16.1 will be announced this morning around 10am. Don’t miss out! There is still time to register at: http://games.crossfit.com.

Fight Tonight CrossFit athletes will still be getting together at the gym at 900am to mobilize/do some skill work, but no WOD will be scheduled for the day. Around 945am we will gather around and watch the announcement LIVE. So come one, come all!

A reminder of our Open Schedule for the next few weekends. If you can not make any of the following times, contact us and we can set up a time and judge for you.

Open Schedule

Friday 1630-1800
Saturday 1000 – UTC
Monday 1800-UTC (No 1915 class)

Any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!


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