160223 CrossFit Open 2016 Details


I will be repeating this as we get closer.  Each week, starting this week we will be presented with a workout debuting at 10:00 AM each Friday.  Our judges or anyone that cannot make the Saturday morning session will do their workout Friday evening. Our second session will be at 1000AM Saturday and all redos or anyone else that can’t make it will do it Monday at 1800.  With no 1915 class.

Open Schedule

Friday 1630-1800
Saturday 1000 – UTC
Monday 1800-UTC

Because of the Open we will be progressing our test week into three consecutive days.  Following up with a WOD on Thursday comprising all the movements we have seen in the Open.

Coaches this will be a pivotal time to really critique your athletes Range of Motion.

Athletes, Thursday will be the most important day to be in the gym.  Should you have any questions of Range of Motion, sets and reps, rest to work etc.  This will be the time to kinda of feel your way out.  I am going to make a WOD as representative as possible to what you will experience during the Open.

Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup

CrossFit Total 2


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