160218 Lets take it down a notch!


How have you enjoyed your 600+ reps the last two days?  I was suffering with you.  Infact I think I was suffering more.  These workouts actually killed me.  The effect of not doing high rep workouts and leaning more toward those areas you are competent in causes segmented training.  That is why this program is so effective ‘if’ you are consistent and stay accountable to the man or woman to the left and right.

The product of this shows…and shows everyday.  The last two days I have worked out with the 0900 class and they have beat me down!  I highly enjoyed being there and have seen them explode from what they once were to what they are now.  Thanks to Lisa Ansley, Tiffany Anderson, Jake Leonard and the up and coming Ali Bush things are getting serious in that 0900 class!

Now sign up for the damn Open if you haven’t.  It is only a couple days away!

Thanks coaches and athletes.  See you at the box!

Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup

Push Press
20 @ 50%

Push Press 95/65
Sit Ups
Hang Power Cleans

D. Progressive Model


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