160120 Eight Minutes of Amazing!


The CrossFit open registration has begun. I want every athlete that calls themselves a CrossFitter signed up. I will personally reimburse anybody that does not want to pay the money. That is how important I think this event is. Just message me through kakao, Facebook, or call 010-2215-1363 for reimbursement!

You have been training for the entire year or more to increase your work capacity across broad time and modal domains and this is a test to measure how you compare with 200,000 plus people from all over the globe!

The CrossFit open has an RX, Scaled, Men and Women, as well as teen categories. Outside of injury there is absolutely no reason to miss out on this amazing experience whether you started yesterday or 4 years ago…sign up today!


Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup

Power Snatch Ladder

Big Dawg
15 Jerks 185/105
45 Pull-ups
12 Jerks
36 Pull-ups
9 Jerks
27 Pull-ups

15 Jerks 155/85
45 Pull-ups
12 Jerks
36 Pull-ups
9 Jerks
27 Pull-ups

D. Progressive Model

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