151028 Muted Hip Function!


It was an absolute shame that the culmination of rain and exercised forced the good good people of 0900 to miss out on a chance to move all the weight. Therefore I am going to recommend that they do this SWOD and yesterdays SWOD. I am too kind you might be saying…yes. That seems to be the case!

Lets talk about Muted Hip Function (MHF).

The most powerful forces generated by the body comes from the Hip. Unfortunately we all have a degree of hip dysfunction. The best of us work hard to correct this fault. But the issue is most of us don’t even know how our body looks when we move. It takes an onlooker, coach or friend to identify this. Movements where you really see this is the push jerk, push press, clean and snatch. Basically movements that cannot occur without those powerful hip flexion and extension. Blah blah blah…what does it look like is key. I could say a 1000 words over this but you need to know how to identify it.


Have a friend video you on your clean, snatch or push jerk. Once identified how do you fix it. You train and train and train. Repetition is key.

Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup
5 x OHS
5 x Snatch Balance
5 x Power Snatch
5 x Box Jump Overs

Front Squat
10 @ 70%
If you missed out try to work in your strict press set.
10 @ 70%

Big Dawg
3 Rounds
5 Power snatch 155/105lbs
10 Box jumps 30/24″
15 Ring Dips

3 Rounds
5 Power snatch 115/75lbs
10 Box jumps 24/20″
15 Ring Dips

D. Progressive Model
Strict Pullup

cat box jump

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