151027 On the Front Squat


For those of you who did push through all 10 reps with the strict press you know how hard that can be.  Now we move on to our other big engine, the hips.  Please warm your shoulders up before getting under that bar.  The more you mobilize the shoulder girdle the more we can bring our arms to parallel.  The more our arms are parallel the more our back will be upright and that means moving large loads long distance quickly!

Lets talk progressive model. Yesterday was test in. There are three broad categories you can be in. Our model will start 1-1-1-1(4 sets x 1 rep). If you can master this model then the next day you will move onto 2-1-1-1. If we do this for 7 days your sets and reps will look like this:


You can see how the progression works.

Category 1:
No strict pullups.
Goal: 1 Strict pullup
Exercise: Scapula Raises(pullups)
For each rep stated above you will do 3 to 1. So on progressive model 2-1-1-1 you will do 6 scap raises followed by 3 sets of set scap raises.

Category 2:
1 Strict pullup
Goal: 2 Strict Pullups in a row
Exercise: Strict Pullups

Category 3:
10+ Strict Pullups
Goal: Add 5 to max set
Exercise: Multiply your max set x .25 and that will be your rep count for each set. So if you have a max set of 20 pullups you and your model is 2-1-1-1 your reps will look like this 10-5-5-5.

Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup
Coaches Choice
A1. Mobility
Lacrosse Ball/Roller Smash T-Spine

Partner assisted Hip Insertion
Partner assisted Arm Raise

Will explain these to those who need it.

10 x Front Squat @ 70%

3 Rounds
100 Double-unders
20 SDLHP 115/75lbs

D. Progressive Model
Strict Pullup


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