151019 CrossFit Total 1


Your weekend is up but do not fear this work week because either in the early morning or late afternoon you will be bench marking all that you have worked on. Let it be clear that your hard work is pointed in a very specific direction. This day you will grit those teeth and grunt those sounds. You will make that bar move!

Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup
Do the three lifts at your own pace. Get your joints working and mobilize what you need to mobilize. Ankles would be a good place to start. Ask coaches to help you with this. You know your body better than we do!

CrossFit Total 1
Back Squat

Do the movements in this order and DO NOT move on to the next lift until you have failed the movement prior. Suck. It. Up. And dig deep. I expect the absolute best!

Yes you are!

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