151015 Upcoming Events!


Upcoming Events

17 Oct – CrossFit Fundamentals 1000-1300 Studio B.
18 Oct – #bemorehuman Spartan Training Camp 1300-1500 at 4TP CrossFit
24 Oct – GirlFit Competition @ CrossFit Marvel
31 Oct – Halloween Party/Going Away for Randi Lindstrom Come one/Come all!

A. Warmup
Set up all your members on rowers and have them try to rowl a perfect strike! To get a perfect strike athletes must use full pulls on the rower with no breaks in between pulls and land exactly on 100m. Add a 2 air squat penalty for every meter off due in between rounds. Do a 5 round game with mandatory 5 x pass-throughs and 5 inch works between rounds in addition to the air squats!

7 @ 65%
7 @ 75%

Row 1k (1 Laps around the block)
150 Double-unders
Row 1k
100 Double-unders
Row 1k
50 Double-unders

D. Progressive Model
Static Handstand

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