151013 Spartans and Shirts!

Athletes, Warriors, and Spartans

Doing anything on the 18th? If not come out and get some training in at 4TP CrossFit.  Great way to meet others and work on some functional skills.

In association with Reebok and 4TP CrossFit yours truly will be assisting with this Spartan Training Camp. Below is the link to the event. This will be a very good event for those timid about the obstacles inside the Spartan Course and for those more seasoned and wish not to do so many burpees!


Click, share, go! HooRAH!

SHIRTS are in and at a more affordable price than thought.
I do not have the male order form. CustomInk deleted it. So if you made an official request I will begin selling them tonight for both male and female.

Males – $18

Femals – $15

Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup
400 Meter Run
Bring Sally Up Thrusters w/bar 45/35

7 @ 65%
7 @ 75%

Power Clean 135/95
Ring Dip

D. Progressive Model
Static Handstand

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