151008 Help Vets, Suicide Awareness


Please take a look below. Our own Brandon Lecocq is doing a ride for Veterans. He is raising money for suicide awareness of our veterans.

More and more service members are losing the battle to suicide than ever before. 22 per day! Whether they’re on active duty, or leave the service is not doing a good job and they feel lost, we need to make sure these men and women get the support they deserve. I’ve seen my fair share of the hardships our veterans face daily and I’d like to share my support for what the people at Gallantfew are doing.

In order to raise awareness I am riding from Seoul to Busan, South Korea (501 Km) on Nov 6th 2015. This is not an organized event. I am doing this on my own will to show how important suicide prevention is amongst veterans!

Click on the link and it will take you to my charity page where more information is available about my cause and what Gallantfew.org provides for veterans.

Share with your friends and families and let’s make an impact!

-Brandon Lecocq

Click the Picture for More information about GallantFew!


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Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup
4 Minute AMRAP
2 x Deadlift @ half your WOD weight
4 x Pushups
6 x Situps
8 x Goodmornings PVC Pipe

Death By Pullups Start at 1 add a rep each minute. If you can’t do pullups then start with hang position and do scapular raises. If these are easy but still can’t do pullups then do pocket touches.

Big Dawg
AMRAP 9 Minutes
8 Deadlift 275/185lbs
6 Lateral Bar Burpees
4 Strict HSPU

AMRAP 9 Minutes
8 Deadlift 205/135lbs
6 Lateral Bar Burpees
4 Kipping HSPU

Front Squat
7 @ 65%
7 @ 75%

D. Progressive Model
Static Handstand

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