151005 CrossFit Kids!


Lisa and I are officially CrossFit Kids Certified!…Well our certificates are in the mail at the least. It was an amazing experience and definitely not a waste of money of which was a huge concern for me. There will be a full summary of our experience posted soon. We will give you basic knowledge anyone can use to make people move better!

The next question you may be asking is, “Will FTCF be hosting a CrossFit Kids class?” Well the unofficial answer is that we already do. Lisa does a program with her some of the teens around USAG-Yongsan. The official answer is No not yet. We have to look at the rules and regulation regarding affiliation with CrossFit Kids and then look into the regulations regarding MWR, Children and Youth Services(CYS), and this push to not promote ‘CrossFit’ marketing across the Army. As well as the obvious need for trainers who are CF Kids Certified.

Today’s WOD has a little change up. We will stress your body after it has been impacted by the METCON. This will not effect your SWOD but may effect your Progressive Model as you will have to use more cognitive functions in place of raw strength that was used during the WOD.

Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup
5 X Sets of 20 DU’s Unbroken and as fast as you can
5 x Sets of 20 SU’s Unbroken and as fast as you can
Coaches Choice

Big Dawg
5 Rounds
4 Burpee Bar Muscle Ups
7 Deadlifts 315/205

5 Rounds
7 Burpee T2B
7 Deadlifts 225/135lbs

Front Squat
7 @ 65%
7 @ 75%

D. Progressive Model
Static Handstand


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