150930 Hard work = Gainz


The programming that I have set forth seems to be working. Working more effectively than the prior year. I have replaced skill training with a dedicated strength portion everyday and we have seen huge gains. Not just in strength but in those movements that require skill. I believe our primary strength and accessory work has landed itself well.

Through all these trials and tribulations we have made some gains. Here are just a few I have seen.

1. Almost every person who went to the Humphreys Throwdown PR’d there Clean and Jerk!

2. Dan and Avery – They are out of the area but will return soon. Dan nailed his first Bar muscle up some months ago and Avery knocked his first one out in the middle of the WOD just to see if he could do it. Put to challenge and accepted!

3. Mary Kate – Nailed her first DU’s! Legit!

4. Chris – Finished her first WOD this day RX’ing the pullups!

5. Laura – Pumping out legit pistols!

6. Hannah – On her handstand. She was a little timid about getting upside down but now a little less scared!

7. Randi – Linking 2 butterfly pullups and working on more!

8. Nina – Did some scaled HSPU’s in her first WOD using an ABMAT and 25lb plate!

9. Roxanna – Huge 135lb Clean and Jerk

10. Kathy – PR’d her snatch at 90lbs!

11. Jared – Yes…The PR’s come less often now but I did 30 Muscle Ups in 27+ minutes.

I am sure I missed some people and be sure that isn’t on purpose. You know your milestones! Show up do work!

I can’t really explain how much these last two-three years have meant to me. It has been an amazing experience and I appreciate everyones hard work!

Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup
100 Doubleunders (for Mary Kate)
3 Rounds
3 Wall Walks
6 Pushups
9 Air Squats

B. Progressive Model
Static Handstand

NonFunctional Day
3 x 10 – Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions HEAVY

Big Dawg
20 Meter Handstand
10 Alternating one Legged Burpees
8 Unbroken T2B

10 Kickup to Handstand (4 Wall walks)
10 Alternating one Legged Burpees
8 T2B

Scale the Handstand to wall walks

Some of you know this face. Some will become familiar with it later.
1rm Face

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