150923 Come on Diane!


We gotta do it.  We have to get you upside down. Today will be an opportunity for that.  There will be a couple of scales for the Hand Stand Push up.  You need to remember your scale though.  It is the only way to gauge how well you do next time.

Scale 1. Toes On Box.  I would rather you put your toes on box and get inverted.  This will require you to bend at the knees.  After your head is between your arms you are ready to do your HSPU.

Scale 2. Wall walks.  Wall walks will count as 2 HSPUs.  So your rep count for the workout will be 11-8-5.  Not exact math but it will work.

Scale 3. Using an Abmat start in the tripod position (Head, Hand, Hand).  Come up on your toes and starting walking your feet into your elbows. You will extend at the hips kicking backwards at the same time pushing with your hands.  If done right you should land in the hollow push up position.

Scale 4.  Using the same points above start aiming for the wall with your feet.

Scale 5. Lower the distance between head and ground using weights and an Abmat.

If you are not doing a scale please do not use the abmats. Use a gymnastics mat against the wall for cushion!

All these will be explained in detail by your trainer!

Jared – FTCF

A. Warmup
100 Double Unders
3 Rounds
5 Goodmornings w/Bar
10 Squats
15 In and Out abs

B. Progressive Model
Static Handstand

Power Clean Ladder
Coaches – Lay out 2 bars. 1 Male 1 Female and stack weights next to each. Have each person circle through. This will make the setup and tear down time extremely quick.

Deadlifts 225/155 or 70% of your 1RM

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