150914 Monday Benchmark the Ladies


For the next two weeks we will be doing benchmarks of all those WODs you know and love.  These are the WODs on our board inside. Nothing should be surprising.  We will also continue with our strength cycle deceasing in reps but increasing in percentages.

You guys and gals have really grown in the last 6 months. Just look at what your numbers were then. Sometimes we lose sight of where we came that we need reflect.  It is natural.

Lets talk one more thing…in light of this nutrition challenge and all athletes…this is our heart to heart. Fitness, gains, losses, strengths and weakness all reside on a rollercoaster of movement. You will not always have a PR day, week or month….sometimes you will. Do remember the only thing you have control of is now.  If you didn’t do that well yesterday then use that as fuel today.

So many things effect how well you do and feel.  Thinking that you will always be on an upward climb is unrealistic.  Consistency yeilds results….sometimes consistency isn’t realistic. So do what you can do to the best of your ability!

I will see you on the P.I.T.T.


This weekend FTCF participated in an awesome competition held at Camp Humphreys. Angela, Keith and the staff down there were great. We did podium like I predicted. Pictures are below.

Lisa – 2nd Womens RX!
Matt – 2nd Mens Scaled!
Terry – Spirit of the Games Award!
Randi – Tied for 3rd place!

lisa podium

Matt Podium

Jared – FTCF

Coaches choice. Do some focused work on activating the back.

Back Squat
7 @ 65%
7 @ 75%

400m Run
21 KBS 53/35
12 Pullups

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