150815 Be More Human Project @ 0930


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Tomorrow we will be heading down to #huntercoachinglab to experiment with Being More Human. This is for everyone…at all abilities!

Well, you slap that voice!

If the first voice in your head was, “It isn’t on post and convenient and while I am on post I can get things at the commissary…” Well, you slap that voice! Get your butt down to Banpo. Super easy. If you are on the Yongsan side of Banpo then cross the bridge and it is on the left. Parking is available!

Be More Human Project Mission

We don’t just work out to be good at working out. We work out for a greater purpose, life.

The Be More Human Project was created with this thought in mind. To give people the opportunity to get stronger, faster, healthier-physically, mentally and socially. To become more determined and resilient. The skills we learn the strength we gain from coming to the Be More Human Project can be carried out into our every day lives. These skills will make us better parents, better leaders better workers and overall, better people.

This project has grown from just a few people to hosting 50-100 people at times. There is nothing greater than getting out in the sun with good people and fun!

Be More human

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