150527 Wednesday 0900 & 1800 & 1915


Your regional team is back and we accomplished what we wanted. We did not come in last and that is quite the accomplishment for the teams that we were competing against. We had an outstanding time and ready to get back into training for next year. Set your goals now and lets tackle them!

Jared – FTCF


A. Progressive Model Ring Dip

Clean High Pull + Clean
2@65% ,2@70%,2@75%, 1@80%,3×1@85%

*If you are new to this movement show up a little early and bring the boxes from inside out to the pit. Stack them to a height where when you place the bar on the boxes the bar is at your knee or a little above.

Descending Ladder 10-1
10 Pistols
10 T2B
9 Pistols
9 T2B
8 Pistols
8 T2B
7 Pistols
7 T2B
6 Pistols
6 T2B

*For those that don’t have pistols use one of the scales we have talked about. If you don’t know your scale we will find it for you!

Cash Out
100 Total Double Unders (Sets of 20) if you break before 20 redo.
or practice.

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