150511 Monday 0900 & 1800 & 1915


Our first 6 weeks of training is over. You are now 6 weeks closer to next years CrossFit Open where you will smash this years scores for sure. Consistency is the key, strength is the goal, and ‘I can’t’ should leave your vocabulary.

This new training cycle will have a lowering in reps but an increase in percentage 4@65% ,4@70%,4@75%, 4@80%,3×2@85%. Those 85%’ers are going to feel mammoth but you got them! See you on the PITT

Jared – FTCF

A. Progressive Model Ring Dip Test in
Spend one minute finding your max ring dips or equivalent. Static hold on boxes is okay for this if you lack the strength for one.

4@65% ,4@70%,4@75%, 4@80%,3×2@85%

C. Skill WOD
Handstand Walk

Kipping Pullups
Strict Press Dumbbell 50/35

Big Dawg
Strict Pullups
Strict HSPUs
Handstand Walk 20 Feet


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