150507 Thursday 0900 & 1800 & 1915


The work you put in today will not effect different movements 2 days from now. Do not worry about what you are going to do a minute, hour, day from now worry about the only thing that does matter…the rep you’re on. Maxing back squat on Wednesday does not effect your max Overhead Squat on Wednesday. Now, if we did 75 reps at 50% your max then there would probably be some fatigue in those maximal weights.

Being sore does not mean you are weak/weaker. It just means your sore. Make sure you are eating right after your work out and you are sleeping well at night.

A. WOD (for those that will not make Saturdays WOD)
CrossFit Total 2

Bench Press
OverHead Squat

B. WOD (for those who will make Saturdays WOD)
Bench Press
Overhead Squat
1000M Row Time trial

Key Points: Bench Press – Your feet will be driving into the ground. If you need to put plates under your feet do so. This pressure into the ground prioritizes you torso/back muscles(posterior chain). As with all movements that go Core-to-Extremity we need this prioritization before we start the action we want to perform.

Key Points: Overhead Squat. Mobilize! Point those feet. Control the descent…don’t fall into your squat. Use a medicine ball as a point of reference if need be. Keep all weight on the front edge of your heel. Once your weight transitions to your toes you will lose that lift or your body will contort/compromise because of the weight distribution. <– Not good for the spine/nervous system.

For those who have done the total.

D. Skill WOD
Max Weighted Pistol
Max Pistols
Pistol scales

C. Skill WOD
Ring T2B
Kip Work

E. Skill WOD
Max Double Unders
Double Under Work


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