150404 1000 Taka Beal AOTM WOD!!!

March’s Athlete of the Month is Taka Beal.  Due to the open we had to push it until April but this is also her birthday WOD so it all worked out in the end!  As we all know Taka likes to go heavy so I give you this…

A)  Progressive model strict pull up

B)  1 RFT, partner WOD, each athlete must do half of each movement in this order…two bars can be used, make sure you stage your change weights for the BS and the DL
50 power cleans @ 205/115
50 back squats @ 225/135 (from rack)
50 DL @ 245/155
200 double unders
100 push ups
50 box jumps @ 24/20


Make sure to thank Taka for this WOD…haha

~ Jack

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