150310 Tuesday 0900 & 1800 & 1915


Doubt. Out of every score I saw this weekend the main thing that I saw was doubt. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Doubt puts us into a place where we may temper our steel a bit at the beginning of a workout which could be detrimental at the end but what have we seen these weeks?

Pace. Your doubt has put you into a mind state of strategy. Knowing what you want to hit at what time hack has increased your score. Everyone of you that went too hard knew it…redid the workout and increased your score. Doubt can be debilitating but when harnessed you will meld your doubt with that passion for greatness and combined will make you better than you were yesterday.

I have seen people do things they never did before. In fact look at these stats. In one year your hard work did this:

14.2 – 15.2
Name                       2014             2015
Cheyenne                 39                79(she will redo!)
Vilija                         29               39
Lisa                         38               87(she will redo!)
Tiffany                      33               83
Kaley                      107             132
Kat Althoff               130             142
Adam Anderson       33             127
Nick Jakovac           116             178
Will                        130             189
Jeff D.                     87               111
Jared                       79               126

That is awe-inspiring. You want to express real numbers and apply them to your fitness level? This is it!

I know there are more names and scores. Please message me and I will add you! But here is the crux of it! Every person improved. You may even be heavier this year than last. In fact…You probably are because of the strength training that has been implemented the entirety of the year! Get Stronger! Be a better you. Another year is ahead of us…the struggle never stops and you like it!

***We are going to suspend the Progressive Model until the Open is over.

Jared – FTCF

A. Skill WOD
Double Unders
***There will be double unders and they will probably not be scaled. CrossFit HQ views DU’s as a very basic movement. Like the pullup. Use this time to practice moderately.

EMOM for 30 Minutes Alternate movements
15 Double Unders
15 Box Jumps

***When doing your Box Jumps work on the fastest way you can do them. With the intent being on bounding box jumps(minimal time on the ground).

In 15 Minutes find a 1RM Deadlift


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