150226 Thursday 0900 & 1800 & 1915 (2015 Open Procedures; Only 1 more day to sign up)


The first workout of the CrossFit Open 2015 will be released live on http://games.crossfit.com at 1000 hours local. This will give us exactly 4 days to complete the workout and validate the scores. It will be your personal responsibility to coordinate times and judges outside of the dates and location below. Many of you are curious about how this will work and this will be the definitive guide to Fight Tonight CrossFits Open Season.

1. All workouts will be on the following Saturday after the Open announcements from 1000-1300. Athlete brief and workout standards will be issued to members from 1000-1030 (meaning you will show up at 1000) at Collier Field House.

2. Coaches/Judges (judges specifically) will do their WOD from 0900-1000. If for some reason you cannot make the 1000-1300 please schedule to have your WOD judged in this time period.

3. If the WOD involves ring Muscle Ups we will have to adjust fire as we have no support to perform these. There may be a solution by moving outside but that will be handled as that WOD approaches. There WILL be muscle ups in the Open without question.

4. Schedule with a judge through FTCF if you cannot attend the scheduled time frame. I understand the Open is in the middle of Key Resolve but even a 0 is better than no score. If you do not finish a workout then you cannot continue on.

5. There will be a scaled division and you should know prior to the WOD what you can do. Movements that you normally do in the posted WODs will be heavily scrutinized so if you have questions on whether or not you can do squats, OHS, double unders, Chest to Bar pullups, as well as with the RX weights for the RX division. They will probably be a little heavier this year.

6. Friday evening I will be at the gym at 1600-UTC. I am wishing for this time to be used for the more competitive individuals especially in light of the Asia Championships. This will give you multiple days of rest in order to retry the WOD should you want to. The members that I would like to see Friday evening are:

Nick Jakovac
Jeff Drushal
Kaley Kania
Lisa Ansley
Cheyenne Rutherford
Jo Blyzniuk
Tiffany Anderson
Adam Anderson
Vilija Teel

With that being said…some of these WODs are just not worth redoing. So judge as need be. I will probably do the WOD that evening so I don’t have to wait in the morning.

Judges and athletes we will not only be hosting FTCF personnel but others in the area that want to participate. With that being said, and I will reiterate, the judges make the final decisions on reps. Arguing with judges will only get you ejected from being judged inside FTCF for the Open. If you think your judge is not being effective then stop the workout. Approach the head judge and discuss having another person judge you.

Work all areas that require mobilized for the Open

B. Technique WOD
As well as rowing.

Coaches work on getting ROM established as well as timing and technique and your personal ideas about performing the movements better.


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