First off congratulations for the 17 members of Fight Tonight CrossFit for signing up for our body challenge. We are only doing this for 30 days and that is not that long of a time period. Most of you have estimated 2 pounds per week for a total of 10 pounds lost over the course of this challenge. Here are some basic things you should know.

Your body has a Resting Metabolic Rate – RMR – This is the amount of calories burned by just being function, free, living, member of this experiment called life. On average the female is around 1200Kcals and a male is around 1450Kcals. This is just an average. Many things come into play here; height, weight, genetic predisposition, job, sleep, general activity level. For example I had my RMR measured and it is at 2240Kcals. So should I want to maintain homeostasis and exact a high performance workout I should take in 2240kcals plus 500 kcals on days I workout intensely.

You too can get this done by going through your PMC. It may take a while to schedule you in but it is worth knowing. You can also get a spectrum of other tests; testosterone, liver function, cholesterol etc.

EPOC – Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption – With hard intense training your body is able to consume oxygen better. It is a safety mechanism so you can replenish your ATP stores and has been linked to the loss of subcutaneous fat while performing anaerobic exercise even though more calories are used during aerobic exercise. However this may just be correlation.

Highly processed foods. Outside of the obvious reasons one of the big reasons not to eat processed foods is because they lack fiber. Fiber is found in plant products (none in animals) it among other things slows digestion which helps your body regulate its processes. I am not talking about being ‘regular’ more so steadies blood sugar because of the rate of digestion. Your body doesn’t ‘peak’ and therefore doesn’t plummet with the full/starving cycle. It also makes you feel fuller!


Another thing with fiber and food labels. There are foods high in fiber. Take this quest bar…no really take it they are delicious but look at the total carbs and dietary fiber. 23 Carbs total: 17 from dietary fiber. That means, like illustrated, your body will only consume 5 grams of carbs. This is important because if you are counting carbs this will leave you at a caloric deficit not too mention a decrease in output during training.


Now how do we ready our troops for battle? Preparation is everything! Literally. Prepare your gear for the battle in the gym and prepare your tupperware for battle in your fridge.

Sundays are the perfect day to mass produce food. Chicken, Fish, Vegetables with portions you know will satisfy. Do not put in what you ‘think’ will make you lose weight. If you can stay away from sugars and processed foods this will happen! Remember your fiber!

Our next progressive model will be double unders. Yes it is coming. Tomorrow at 0900 will be day one. The process will be as such.

Day 1: 3 sets = 5DU’s, 5DU’s, 5DU’s
Day 2: 3 sets = 10DU’s, 10DU’s, 10DU’s
Day 3: 3 sets = 15DU’s, 15DU’s, 15DU’s

In between each set count to 20 and go to the next. If you fail at a set that is fine. Recount to 20 and try again…after multiple attempts you have found your progressive model.

Jared – FTCF

A. Progressive Model Double Unders Test in.
3xAttempts to max double unders

B. Skill WOD

Man – Makers (Women – Makers; I am an equally opportunist!)
The man-maker weight should be half of what one would use for shoulder pressing. We know our max for barbell press but dumbells/kettlebells require stability further the kettlebell has a chance of rolling if you do not stable it. I insist you use dumbbells!

15 Minute AMRAP

5 Man Makers
10 Situps
15 Double Unders (Single Unders)

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