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The power clean. One of the more technical movements. For beginners have them start at a hang position. Start with PVC and make sure they understand the quarter squat position when you receive the bar. It is imperative that you receive the bar in this power position. Remember there is nothing wrong with keeping the PVC pipe or bar without weight for beginners. If they can master the movement with these tools they can add weight at will. The only limiting factor then will be strength and speed.

Areas of emphasis on the Power Clean:

Shoulders lead the movement upward.

Stripper butt.

Start position too forward(identified by the athlete jumping forward on third pull; athlete receives the bar on their toes)

Start position too far back. Triple Extension – If the athlete doesn’t get to their toes on the 2nd pull they are probably starting with the bar way ahead of their shoulders which causes balance issues when engaging the movement and you will see them jump backwards. Use the mirrors so athletes can correct themselves.

Early 2nd pull (some athletes will start with ‘activated’ ‘cocked arms’ Not necessarily a bad thing but not ideal

Catching the bar where it is at. Cheyenne can attest to this! Don’t let the bar slam down on your clavicle. Bruises and red irritation will identify this movement

Simplify the pulls for athletes. One thing is easier to focus on than 30. Here is how I do it.

1st Pull – The main job is getting the knees out of the way.
2nd Pull – Main job is standing as tall as possible through the heels
3rd Pull – Feeling the weight and going to it ‘whenever’ it is!

All mistakes usually happen in that first pull. That is why almost 100% of all beginners can Power Clean more from the launch-hang positions than from the floor.

Jared – FTCF

A. Progressive Model Squat Therapy

10 Burpees Broad Jump
25 Hollow Rocks
10 Burpees Broad Jumps
25 Superman Rocks
10 Burpees Broad Jumps

Rest 5 Minutes…

In 20 Minutes find max Power Clean

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