141108 Saturday 0900 (1000 Fundamentals)


Saturday class time has not changed. We will be doing our class at 1000AM on a normal basis.  Since we have fundamentals training though we have pushed it.  Ensure you spread the word as many of our regulars may still be on the 1000AM kick for Saturday.

Your WOD should you choose to except it will take you to that place you don’t want to be.  I have something planned for you! You will love it.  You will hate it.  You will have to Show up to see what it is!

Jared – FTCF

A. Progressive Model L-Sit x 3 Seconds

B. Skill WOD
Hollow Body/Arch Body
3 Rounds Hold Hollow in pushup position x 60 Seconds

C. WOD (Bring Your Jump Rope!)
1K &#R^$L( $!#@Y
25 &$)*!^ !&*#@S If placed on ground or on your back.
50 A&#^@$!$@ G^$P *&##&(S
1K &#R^$L( $!#@Y

Do not adjust your screens. You see right! Decipher if you can. The letters in each word are correct. The amount of special characters match the amount of letters in the word!

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