141021 Tuesday 1000 & 1800

When: 28 October. Tuesday
Where: Navy Club Cigar Lounge
Why: Saying (Seeya later)

It has come to be. Chase, our 1000AM class coach, is leaving for bigger and brighter things. He has picked up the head coach position at CrossFit FNS(Fair and Square). He has been doing great things at FTCF and more importantly he will be using the skills he has learned by training you guys to improve on others as he furthers his profession.

The profession of improving lives!

To show our appreciation and acknowledgement that there is no hard feelings we are going to have a going away luncheon for him next Tuesday the 28th. Please RSVP so we can adjust reservation space as needed!


Jared – FTCF

A. Progressive Model Pistol

Work to your skill capacity
Find your 7RM Jerk split or push.
Find a moderate 7RM Push Press.
Find a light press. Work form with PVC if need be!

push press

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