141011 Saturday 1000 (Chase Miller is Leaving Us!)


Yes, you heard it right. Chase is leaving us for bigger and better things. He is working his ass off now at Fair and Square CrossFit and we can’t complain about his leaving the FTCF family but remember it is ‘seeya later’ not good bye! He will still be around the area and may stop in from time to time. His dedication to the spouses (for the most part) of the 1000 class has been amazing and I know there will be a large void when 1 November rolls around. His experience and application of knowledge that he has picked up over the years is going to be hard to replace if not impossible!

Remember to check the website for updates. We will be having an event for him so stay tuned!

Jared – FTCF

A. Progressive Model Strict Ring Pullup

Max Distance: Handstand walks/Max Shoulder taps
Scale: Static Handstand Hold with a partner stabilizing
Scale: HS Hold with shoulder taps
Scale: HS Hold against the wall for time (total time)
Scale: HS Hold with box
Scale: Body Weight hold

4 rounds
20x Partner Deadlifts 455/315
20x Handstand Push-ups
20x Partner Deadlifts
20x Pull-ups

D. Mobility (Hips/Shoulders)
Cat Stretch(Spinal Erector stretch)
Shoulder Banded Distraction

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