Big Changes coming to Fight Tonight CrossFit (Probably)



The big changes that we will have going into the new year is a new class starting next month, 1 November. With this the contract renegotiation for Fight Tonight CrossFit will have an increase in membership costs to 40 dollars a month. This is quite the hike in prices, percentage wise, but not in product wise. We will be able to disperse people more evenly and allow for more options for you to have. Most importantly you will have more one on one/face to face time with our staff! Many of you need, want, and request one on one assistance and we want to be able to be there with you as much as possible when you are digging deep to reach a new milestone.

So with that there will not/cannot be a grandfathering in(I wish I could). We will be offering a one time FTCF shirt discount:

***1 Monthly membership will get you discount on your first FTCF shirt! $5.00 for you first shirt and free strength wraps until supplies are exhausted!

I wish I could offer more but can’t. I will try to create incentives as we go.

You have been with Fight Tonight for quite a while and I have seen changes in your strength levels, body composition and just overall quality of life. We have a good core of 20-30 people and those who are less active come in whenever. Which is absolutely okay! All bodies are different in their capacity to rehab, recover and fuel up.

Our staff by the end of the year will have gone to 18 individual specialty certifications, seminars and workshops! They are dedicated to your successes as much they are there own and in your success they find theirs. Members of our staff will be going to CrossFit Gymnastics, Caffeine & Kilos weightlifting seminar, Catalyst athletics certifications, and nutrition training. So we can better assist you in your goals!

Things I have heard:

“I used to hate/dread walking home because of the hills. Sometimes I would take a taxi but since coming here [FTCF] I get up them without an issue!”
“I used to have bad shoulder pains but since we have been going strict on a lot of movements they have gone away completely.”
“You got me pumped!” [proceeded to PR 5 times in a row on her deadlift]
and so many more that don’t come to mind. The greatest thing about this is that it is all you and your efforts. We just provide a tunnel through which you drive effort and motivation!

Chase and his MU!

Tiffany doing 225lb Back Squat!

Joel with a 395 Back Squat

These are just a couple of the examples of your efforts being pushed into a guided program!

I say all of this because the program is a resounding success and that is why we are expanding. You have seen its potential and jumped all over it. Inviting friends, family and co-workers to join in the suck/love too. The sky is the limit as long as you put in the work!

Thanks guys!

Jared ~ FTCF

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