140925 Thursday 1000 & 1800


It probably feels like this whole week has been thresh hold training and it kind of has. The volume has been high to moderate and intensity has been high. Listen to your body, eat well, sleep well and feel it out. Understand the law of diminishing returns. There is a point where more work will actually negatively impact your progressions. The coaches will do their best to try to gauge where you are at but you can do it much better. Appetite should be steady, sleep should be restless and your joints should not ache. Your muscles should be in a state of confusion always but should not hurt especially where they interface at the joints.

Jared – FTCF

A. Progressive Model Strict HSPU

Thresh Hold Training 2:00/4:00
10 Deadlifts 185/105
10 Wallball Shots
3 Power Cleans 185/105
ME Double Unders

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