140915 Monday 1000 & 1800


What a great BBQ we had! Much props to Cheyenne for setting up and BBQ’ing. Excellent job! Dan is a one man party with the trash can game! It turned out great and once again way too much food. We even had Brian and Virginia come out for some much needed sun I am sure.

Another week of work ahead and another opportunity for you to give it 110%. We will start out with a pretty brutal strength work. Work the box squat getting to a heavy set of 5. This is going to burn! We will be introducing some new movements once again to our arsenal. Which will really test that over head position. We have it all this week. High level gymnastics, heavy bar work, some Oly and cardio but we won’t be running around the block. I know you are disappointed!

Dean Gerath will be taking over this week as I am on leave…but lets face it I will probably be in! 🙂

See you guys out there!

Jared – FTCF

A. Progressive Model Strict HSPU

5 x 5 Box Back Squat

5 Minute AMRAP
10 Back Squats at 50-60% heavy 5 rep
5 Box Burpee Jump overs

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