140909 Tuesday 1000 & 1800


Another long weekend is over. I know it went too fast as they always do. Your body should be nice and refreshed from that extra day of rest. So lets get ready to bring it! We will start with a running WOD. Get up and out of your office/house and do this WOD. It will be an excellent way to test your cardio and your medium length distance running. We will also test ME strict pullups as an end to our 3 week Pullup Progressive Model. As we bid farewell to the pullups model we will introduce the Progressive Model for the Hand Stand Push Up. We will be doing some over head work so make sure you bring your lacrosse ball with you.

Mobilize the muscles around your scapula. Just like we mobilize our ankles and hip sockets last week we will mobilize our shoulders this week. With that being said we will still want to be loose in our hips. That means rolling your quads, hamstrings, and lower back. Sounds like a lot? No, just find 5 minutes per body part and apply the techniques we have shown you throughout the last couple months.

The volume for this week is going to be High! But the weight is going to be low so those of you with those engines are going to have an advantage! It should be fun. We will have a partner WOD and for whatever reason we have not enjoyed the thruster lately so you may see that as part of our Thresh Hold Training!

We will finish the week with the 3rd Fight Tonight CrossFit BBQ. Click here, click going and we will see you there. No need what-so-ever to bring anything I just want you out there. There will be a list of what people are bringing and alcohol is always welcomed just make sure you have a plan! On a more serious note really make sure you have a plan. We can’t afford for these events to take a hit and more importantly for you to get hurt!

Thanks again for making this program a success day after day, week after week!

Jared – FTCF

A. Max Strict Pull Ups (Or scale used during Pullup Progressive Model)

B. Progressive Model Strict HSPU
(Watch the video. These are the scales we will be using so try to game where you are at!)

C. Skill WOD
Pose Running Method

3 x 1 ME Lap around the block.
Rest Half of your Run time

If 1 lap takes 8:00 you will ensure that you start your next lap at the 12:00 minute marker.

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