140825 Monday 1000 & 1800


Week two of the exercise is upon us and so is more strength training. Ensure that you are getting the proper nutrition after these workouts. It is very important that you body take in Carbs to Protein (3 to 1) ratio. Remember to listen to your body it will give you all the clues that you need about how you are training. There is a difference between muscle pain, soreness and fatigue. These will manifest themselves differently throughout the day. Nutrition is important in a strength and conditioning regiment because your body needs those Branch Chain Amino Acids – those proteins your body cannot make on its own. These will be used to feed those muscles that may begin to feel sore. If you do not feed these muscles you will fatigue faster and be in a state of fatigue before starting the workout. Your sleep will also suffer, your body will feel weak and your overall disposition will not be optimal.

So…eat athletes. Eat!

Last week we did sets of 5’s and sets of 3’s. We will continue this tradition with sets of 3’s. We will also continue on with our Progressive Pullup Model and introduce some new gymnastics movements/skills to the fold!

See ya out there!

Jared – FTCF

25 August

A. Progressive Model Strict Pullups

B. Skill WOD
Push Jerk, Split Jerk

Push/Split Jerk
This is going to take you out of your comfort zone as lowering large weight back down to your front rack may not be comfortable for you but it is needed in order to control large loads above your head.


Run 400 Meters
10 x Push Jerk @ 50-60% of your heaviest three

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