140818 Monday 1000 & 1800


The UFG is upon us and I know we are all looking forward to being in the field and MRE’s. I will be sharing your pain but it won’t impede the 1800 class or the 1000 class. Obviously, be flexible as the exercise situation may change. So check the Facebook and this blog before coming to a class!

With that being said we are going to go for a strength bias during the exercise. We are going to work strict movements and lift heavy weights. Our metcons will be short. Probably, between 5-10 minutes so we can allow for strength portion!

Jared – FTCF

A. Skill WOD
Hollow Body position
Hollow Rocks
Hollow Body positioning on the bar

In 5 minutes strict pullups and the hardest scale you are at or weighted.

Strict Pullup

Your first set of five should be the set that feels heavy. Start counting after that set. Remember to incorporate the skills of the hollow body position into this movement as well just slightly modified for your Spine. Chest down, Abs contracted, Butt on.


AMRAP in 5 Minutes
7 x Air Squat
5 x Press 55/95
3 x Strict Pull Ups

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