140711 Friday 1000 & 1700 Weightlifting Class


There will be a personal trainer and group fitness training course on the 26th-28th of September in Camp Humphreys. This will be a certfication from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. It is the first time they have been in Korea for this venture. The class registration/w text book is $421.00 The group training class can be taken separately. There is a study guide that comes along with your registration. If you are interested at all in this I would highly recommend registering early and completing the study guide before starting the course.

I have read a couple of reviews and it seems that if you do not study you will fail this. It is comprehensive and there is a hands on portion to the testing. Here at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor Fitness Center all of their fitness instructors have this certification. This opportunity may not come around again for a while.

Click here to Sign Up!

Jared – FTCF

10min to build up to a heavy Power Clean

10 Deadlift ( 225 / 145)
50 Double Unders
(Time cap 14min)


1700 Weightlifting Class

Snatching that weight! This week on our rotation we will work with the Snatch.  For those who want to receive a technique PR lets focus on speed under the bar.  Snatch balances.  Lets face it most of us love Power Snatching because we feel really uncomfortable getting under that bar.  I won’t point fingers but you know who you are.  Lets work through these balances.  Add weight incrementally and control your sets.  This will still be taxing!

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