140612 Friday 1000 & (Unofficial Olympic Lifting Class 1700)

140612 Friday 1000
The dreaded Over Head Squat is upon us once again.  Here is why this movement is hard; it requires you to have flexibility at the two big motors in your body.  To add insult to injury (hopefully not) you should already be there.  Day in an day out we sit in an unstable position where we turn off our abs and essentially prop ourselves on our ‘meat racks.’  We all have done this standing or sitting.  It is the ability to lean to one side or sit in a way that you support yourself with the least amount of muscles you can so that you are essentially hanging on your meat rack or skeleton.  Stop hanging on your meat rack.  But because we have done this for so long we have conditioned out body to only move to a certain range.
When we sit we only half squat and when we reach over head it is rarely needed that we have to bend over at the same time.  This movement though incorporates the ranges of the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, shoulder blades and the stabilizers needed to move dynamically through the range.  But enough about that garbage…how do I make my body move better?  I am glad you asked.
1. The first thing we can do is stretch the Psoas:

The Psoas is a muscle that connects your L1-L5 or lumbar to your femur.  Part of the Psoas actually connects to the spine so that this could actually improve the rounding condition many of us have!
2. Second thing we can do is increase flexibility in our hips:
3. Third Thing we can do is what you did for mobility last night:
Thoracic spine smashing with lacrosse ball.

We have focused on smashing the muscle fiber (Myofascial release) circling the the shoulder blade.  That is great.  This allows that shoulder blade to flow more freely over the muscle/skeleton and increases our range.  But lets also smash the area below that.  If we use active shoulders those muscles that you rely on to make a nice rack for your shoulders range from the shoulder blade (scapula) to the bottom of the rib cage.  So as we focus on the primary scapula smashing keep in mind those large lat muscles below.

4.  You have to be able to bend your ankle while keeping all weight on your heel.  You can increase this multiple ways.  Calf smashing with a foam roller. The idea here is that a tight calf will pull on your foot which will limit the range even if you have a nice squat.  Sliding Surfaces of the achilles.
You have to do this before class though!  Prepare for your workout…before your workout!
Jared – FTCF
Over Head Squat

140612 Friday 1700 Olympic Lifting (Weight Lifting) Class
dirty-cleaning-kendrick-farrisOur first ever Olympic Lifting Class! Yeah!   Lesson one: Clean/Snatch movements have been and will forever be with squat.  There is on a snatch and a power snatch or clean or a power clean.
We will be doing cleans for the first session.
Working to a semi heavy single.  Heavy single will be from blocks. When we work from blocks/hang we eliminate the need for the first pull.  We also expose a whole buffet of technique errors.  It is going to be splendid!  As we become more involved there will be more emphasis on programming for these days.

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