140602 Monday 1000 & 1800


This last week finally came to a finish.  For those that came out Tuesday for the Back Squats and Power Clean complex to be beat down by Wednesdays WOD of HSPUs and Ring Dips and the then the icing on this fitness cake was Saturdays WOD of the Murph Challenge.  3 Extremely hard days.  I want to congratulate all of you for continuing to improve yourselves day in and day out…week by week.  You should feel proud and I do appreciate that ‘thanks’ you give me and other coaches but YOU are the ones putting in work.  You are pushing that voice in your head to the back of the line when it says slow down/quit.  Remember, showing up is probably the hardest thing you will do.  As your day draws near to the close of business those demons may start creeping up on you giving you excuses not to come.  You beat those demons everyday and everyday those demons get a little weaker as you become a little stronger. PR everyday!

This week will not have a directed strength sessions or directly guided skill component sessions.  The work you do this week will be less demanding than last week (breath a sigh of relief!) as there is no Hero WOD this week.  Do not breath too big of a sigh though.  This just means you will have to go faster!

Prepare yourself for some moderate barbell work.  We will dust off some Kettle Bells this week or they will dust us off…you decide.  Everyone may meet Helen and you may try your luck with legless rope climbs! Your over head squat and front squat position will be put to the test mid week.  These two positions will not train themselves you have to put in effort.  Lets prepare for these early.


Upright Torso and Scapular mobilization is key for the hardest movements this week; OHS and Front Squat.  You have done squat therapy multiple times throughout the last couple months.  You have that very powerful tool in your arsenal, use it.   Scapular mobilization can be found below.

Jared – FTCF

5 Power Cleans 135/95
5 Push Press 135/95
5 Power Cleans 135/95
5 Push Press 135/95

Run to rope
1 Legless rope climb – Scale as needed.
Run to pad

10 Minutes of partner assisted Scapular smashing. Refer to homework.
5 Minutes of Thoracic spine smashing. (Those muscle between the spine and shoulder blade.)
5 Minutes of Banded Scapular Work you will find in the later portions of this video.

Lacrosse balls will be provided.

As we start breaking down in strength you will find yourself compensating (cutting corners) on the push press by doing push jerks. Do not use that second dip that you see in the jerk. The Press, Push Press and Push Jerk are different skills. These cleans and presses may tax your grip because of the speed. Use the hook grip on the PC’s so you can do the rope climbs that much easier. If you are not using the hook grip you are not moving weight efficiently and I frankly don’t know why you would not want to do that? Use Hook Grip!


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