140512 Monday 1000 & 1800


During this week as we are expending our exercise water all over the outside landing keep in mind your movement. All(most) of you have gone through fundamentals where we demonstrated correct form in movement. It is imperative that we maintain these things as we are struggling to do our 175th Back Squat at 135 or move through the 84th pullup we have to do. When we disregard form for function we emphasize and build neurological connections in the brain that say…”Hey buddy you are tired…lets compensate by rounding that back!” This is more ‘expensive’ in the long run; more taxing to muscle, skeleton, ligaments, and joints.

CROSSFIT is training for life. Each session is a literal investment into your mobility future. If we are emphasizing bad movement today our investment will go belly up. How do we fix this? Remember one thing when you are pushing your body:

“Train Movement, Not Muscle!”

If the above could be placed paramount to all other thoughts in your mind during the WOD your first rep and your last rep would/will look the same. Make today your first day of emphasis on moving as well as possible throughout the WOD. TRAIN MOVEMENT, NOT MUSCLE!

What are you going to see this week? The gymnastiness of this week is lessened from last week. We are going to be getting under that bar more this week with some Hang Snatches, Shoulders to Overhead, Clean and Jerks, Kettlebell swings. Don’t get me wrong though. We will be doing hand stands, wall walks and ROPE CLIMBS. Yes you heard right! So ensure you pay attention to the Website blog as you will want to know when to wear your long socks!

We will also be positioning some Mobility WOD into our programming because when you know better you do better! So get your Lacrosse balls and your pain faces ready!

SPOILER ALERT: Saturday will be a Partner WOD but I will be in Miami!

Thanks Guy, Gals and Athletes of all ages.

Jared – FTCF


Hollow body position in conjunction with the Kip
OHS in conjunction with feet placement/external rotation of the hips by forcing knees outward
Active Shoulder Positioning

Cycle through each movement
7 Pullups/2 MU’s
7 OHS 115/65
7 Cleans 115/65

Partner Assisted T-Spine smash. You should go until your breathing suffers. It is okay to scream or yelp but once you have to hold your breath or stop your breathing altogether you have gone too far.

Test over head position.

10 Minutes
T-Spine Smash Double Lacrosse Balls
5 Minutes
T-Spine Roll Out

Restest over hard position.

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